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Sasha, Sashie, Sasha girlie, Sasha Fierce, and SashieSashieSashie are just a few of the nicknames I’ve come up with for my homegirl, Sasha.

At the beginning of this summer, my husband and I had (very casually) talked about getting a puppy. As usual, it was never much more then a conversation. Until about three weeks ago…

My husband was driving very early one morning and saw this beautiful dog (spoiler alert, it was Sasha) in the middle of the road eating something off the ground. She had no collar, no tags, and some minor injures on her head. He waited with her to see if anyone would show up and no one did. So, he put her in the car and drove home while calling Animal Control.

It took a few hours for animal control to arrive and in the mean time, my husband fell in LOVE with Sasha. Although, at this point she was just “the dog” (no name).

After animal control arrived, Dave was so sad to see her go. He inquired about the adoption process, and they told him she would be placed on stray hold. They would wait a week for someone to claim her, and after that we could go to Liberty Humane Society and fill out an application to adopt.

L O N G E S T   W E E K   E V E R R R R R

When about five days had gone by, Dave asked if I wanted to stop by the Humane Society to see “the dog”. I was reluctant, because I knew once I saw her it would be really hard to leave without her. I went anyway because duh, I’m not going to not go.

We got to the humane society and I fell in love with “the dog”. She was so friendly, so sweet, and those EYES! She instantly remembered Dave, wagged her tail, rolled on her back, and looked for Dave to rub her belly. She stole my heart (and has since then stollen my wallet as well as my clean apartment… I’m working on not being so bitter about it 😉 ). We inquired about adoption, but she was not eligible yet since it hadn’t been a full week for someone to claim her. She also needed a few more vaccinations. We started to walk out the door a very sad, puppy-less couple. Until….. Sophie, to the rescue (pun intended). Sophie, works at the Humane Society and saved the day when she told us that we could foster Sasha for a week. This would 1. give owners time to claim her (which no one did, obviously), 2. time for us to become adjusted to having two dogs in the house, and 3. free up valuable space that they were running out of. I’m so glad we did foster to adopt. It was so nice taking her home with us and being able to love on her and give her a clean, safe place to live while waiting for the adoption process.

*Side note, Liberty Humane Society was awesome to work with. They have a lot of dogs (and cats) and are really doing their best to make sure they all go home to good families. Yes, it’s a little smelly but that’s to be expected with all the animals they take in (ignore the ignorant google review about the smell). I highly recommend checking them out or donating to support the good work they are doing.

After a week, we brought her back to the Humane Society where she was spayed, microchipped and given the rest of her vaccinations.

YAY! She’s officially ours!

As most of you know, Dave and I already have one very large and in charge dog, Pharaoh (also a Pit mix). Pharaoh was given to us from a college friend who was unable to bring him to his new apartment due to pet restrictions. We love Pharaoh very much but going through the dog rescue process and providing a safe home to an animal who didn’t have one before was so fulfilling. Sasha was living on the streets before we rescued her and she has some scars on her head and ears to prove it. It breaks my hear to imagine this beautiful, sweet, playful, loving pup without a home or a family. What breaks my heart more are some of the comments we have received from people who have heard we recused a Pit bull. Sasha and Pharaoh are some of the most loving and sweet dogs I’ve ever met. Yes, I’m a little biased, but they really and truly are. I hope we can put aside our prejudice towards Pits and see them for what they really are, loving, loyal, playful and sweet side kicks.

Cheers to Pits and our new girl, Sashie. 

Ps. Sasha and Pharaoh are besties. They play together all day long. Sasha has a slight obsession with Pharaoh being in close proximity to her, which kind of makes my heart melt a little bit.


All photos taken with iPhone.

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