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Lackawanna Coffee

If you’re like me, you’re a complete sucker for a good cup of coffee. Even more of a sucker for a cute coffee shop. I’m not even kidding when I say that my husband comments more on how much money I spend at coffee shops then when I buy clothing (and that’s saying something).

About a year ago I noticed a storefront under construction with the sign “Lackawanna Coffee” on the front (you can imagine my excitement). The construction took close to a year to finish and I had forgotten all about it. When I heard it opened last week, I sent a quick text over to my good friend Nisha  “hey cute coffee shop in town, want to check it out?!” I sent her an iPhone shot of the back area and she responded “Where the heck have I been under a rock?”

Nope! It’s BRAND new.

Nisha and I had the opportunity to sit down with the Owners, Ian and Julius and ask them a few questions about Lackawanna Coffee and how it got it’s name (check out Nisha’s blog  for the interview and photos of our time there).

Below are some photos of the breezeway. This area specifically is really interesting and that’s why I’m touching on it.

When Nisha and I ordered our coffee and went to the back area, we walked through this great little breezeway. Nisha noticed immediately how they had taken advantage of every inch of the space to make it their own. When we sat down with Ian and Julius a few minutes later, they said that space was specifically curated by their good friend Ron (who was sitting nearby working). We went over to talk with Ron and learned so much (more) about Lackawanna Coffee, all the good things happening in Jersey City and of course, the breezeway.

The breezeway is filled with vintage items that Ron found and collected over his time traveling. There are books and little matchboxes, pillows, magazines, photos etc. All of it perfectly arranged.

If you’re on social media, you can follow Ron’s instagram page for the breezeway. The goal is to eventually have the items available for purchase!

Here are some shot’s of Lackawanna Coffee and the Breezeway!





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