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Oh Brother…

Ok, can I just take a second to brag?!

How cute is he?? My (not so) little brother Josh is graduating high school this year and I can’t believe how fast all those years went by. Josh wasn’t always this handsome, responsible, young gentleman. He went through a real mischievous streak when he was a toddler. He would take clothes and throw them out the window, put food from the pantry in a washing machine that was full of soapy clothes… ETC.  I think my mom is really thankful he grew out of that phase of life 😉

Two years ago my Parents (and four out of my five siblings) moved down to Orlando Florida. Although it’s really nice to have a forever vacation spot in sunny florida, I miss my family a lot! It’s not the same without them around and I’ve missed out on a lot of moments, but it just makes going to visit all the sweeter.

Josh is planning on attending South Eastern University where both of my sisters also went to college. He is on the track team, sings and plays guitar. He’s basically an all around cutie. Like, if I wasn’t related to him, and I was a few years younger I would toooooooootally have a crush on him. Is that weird? No, it’s not right? Right?

Please enjoy Joshua’s senior photos!

I’m a little partial to how handsome and sweet he is 🙂


For those curious, I used a canon 5d mark iii and switched between a 50mm lens and a 24-105 lens. BIG fan of the 50mm. It’s like life blurs away in the background.


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