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Sisters, sisters, there were never such devo- (…ok, you get the point).

Sisters! Well, not my sisters, although it feels like they are.

Where do I start?!  You know those friends who are just always a good friend? Yea, thats Adrienne.  She was my roommate, a bridesmaid in my wedding and the one who talked me off the ledge when I wanted to get bangs two summers ago (true story). Adrienne is truly one of the most loyal people I know. I can honestly say that to strive to be more like her is not an easy thing to do. Her family is like my family. And her dad makes a KILLER minestrone soup (I still need that recipe).

Her sisters, Gabrielle and Natalie are just as amazing and even more amazing in their own special way. They are so silly and so pretty and… HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR HAIR?!

Thanks for the fun day out ladies. I love ya!

taylorphotography-0639taylorphotography-0743taylorphotography-0872taylorphotography-0686taylorphotography-0804taylorphotography-0817taylorphotography-0657taylorphotography-0988taylorphotography-0992Thank you to Jack Pendi and Hunter for the special guest appearance.


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