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Oh yea, I blog now.

Hi there,

Wow this is weird. Never saw myself as a “blogger” but it’s something I’ve (recently) been more interested in and I’m excited to see what becomes of it!

Can you believe it’s 2016?!


I rang in the new year in a quiet little cabin in the Pocono’s with some of my favorite people. It was cozy, intimate, and totally different from how I’ve ushered in every other year.

I am a party lover, so every New Year’s Eve has always turned into an “out do the last year” party. Nothing wrong with that! But this year was so different and it was really refreshing.

2015 was quite possibly my favorite year. I felt like my husband and I finally got into a marriage groove (we celebrate 2 years January 19th). I am really enjoying my job and where we live (Jersey City, NJ) and our apartment is finally coming together. But all of those things aside I felt like I grew as a person. I realized a lot about friendship, marriage and myself. 2015 set the foundation for some incredible things to happen in 2016 and that makes me really excited for what’s ahead!

Here are some photos from our weekend getaway in the Pocono’s.


P.s. the book I’m reading by fireside is, “The Age of Reinvention” by Karine Tuil. So far, it’s amazing!



  1. Samantha says

    Yay, Taylor! So excited for you :). Also, might have to try this book after Life from Scratch!


  2. Taylor! So excited for these new ventures for you! Just started blogging, too. Maybe you can do a guest post sometime? Can’t wait to keep up with you on the blogosphere.


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